Flexible working, the future

The pandemic has changed the way that we work forever and it’s now harder to rely on one of the eight business grounds to deny a request for permanent homeworking from an employee who has successfully worked from home during lockdown. It would be our advice in dealing with such requests to aim for a […]

Covid 19: Can an Employee refuse to return to work?

As the situation with coronavirus continues to change we are starting to see some businesses trying to get back to work. The most common question I am being asked at the moment, by employers and employees is whether an employee can refuse to return to work, and if they do, what are the consequences. Although […]

Your Employment Law Specialists

We can Help, Advise and Protect your business ​As you know employment law is a complex area and can be a minefield for any business to keep up with. This is an ever-changing environment and it can be easy to find ourselves with a problem simply through being busy and not being aware of an […]