At Burke’s Employment Law, our aim is to provide expert ‘lawyer backed’ advice to our clients by offering meaningful and bespoke consultation, ongoing prevention & protection advice, and a strong legal intervention capability should this be required.

By offering a personalised ‘advise & protect’ approach, we help our clients navigate an ever changing and highly complex regulatory environment, remove the risk associated with things going wrong and affording our clients the opportunity to do what they do best.

As Equality, Diversity and Mental Health management becomes even more prevalent in the workplace, be reassured that our specialism covers this area too. Iain Burke has more than 25 years’ experience as a Mental Health practitioner, over 10 years as a Convener of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland and is a former Convenor of the Law Society’s Equality and Diversity Committee.

This expertise positions Burke’s Employment Law as a leading provider of  specialist advice on the legal considerations all employers need to be aware of around mental health, diversity and equality in the workplace,, as well as the policies you should have in place to prevent discrimination at work.

And with a straightforward monthly fee option, we’ll ensure you’ll only pay for the service you need, whilst having the full support of a specialist solicitor to handle more complex disputes, mediation, and tribunals.